Benito bunny doll

They were born after three years making mohair stuffed toys and dolls, I had learned many things, I had completed my sewing techniques, and I was testing different materials and innovating in each model.

At that time I needed to create a sturdy LeleLerele doll. I wanted to think of what was the best for the children. Benito and Benita can be carried everywhere, they can be washed in the washing machine, with they you can sleep in a hug.

They are 40cm tall (15.6 inch) They are made with cotton canvas of great durability and resistance, their eyes and their mouth are embroidered by hand carefully. Its tightly assembled arms and legs, together with the choice of materials, make it easy to get into the washing machine.

After several sketches and prototypes I was left with the design of Benito, for his face of peace and “blessed” for his sweetness, for his pleasant touch and hugging, that make you fondle from the first minute.


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