What is so special about LeleLerele products?

What is so special about LeleLerele products?

All LeleLerele products are made by hand, one by one, with the best materials and much care and detail. For me it is very important to provide quality, delicacy and exclusivity to each creation; providing them with soul.

Why handicrafts?

I am interested in handicrafts and the value for things made with care and patience, so I chose this manufacturing method because I like to be a part of the entire process, from the first sketch to the last stitch.

For me, handicrafts go much further than the “handmade” trend. The fact of knowing that something has been manufactured by skilled hands, knowing that it is not a result of offshoring, exploitation and in many cases abuse, provides extra value to any product. When we buy hand-manufactured toys for our children, we are teaching them many things.

Made to last

I think it is more important to have little but with a lot of meaning than have a lot with no added value, that is why I have dissociated myself from the “use and throw away” concept. Quite the opposite, I like things that last and that can be passed from parents to children because of their quality, but especially because of their sentimental value. I do not want my products to be mere accumulated objects, but to mean something to those who buy them.


For me, a very important part of this project is connecting and communicating with others. I am not only interested in the opinions of my customers, but also their stories. Whether I receive a message where a customer is explaining that their order is for a gift, or when they ask me to add a special note, or even when a customer confesses to me that they have purchased for themselves, for the girl they used to be and who they want to continue being; every story is felt in my heart.


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