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You are seeing on your screen products that have been made… Sorry to stop, but this is not a product. Look at its eyes! We cannot simply call it a “product”; it is much more, it has soul! Okay, I’ll start over. You are seeing on your screen little beings that have been made with magic, love, patience and affection, by restless hands in a tiny workshop in the province of Castellón. Little beings that are ready to become your companion from this day forward.

Benito wants to be, among all, your favourite doll, your playmate and your protector of dreams. The Pocholines want to be those who chase the monsters away and ward off nightmares, and Lili wants cuddles at night times and for you to take her with you every morning. They will always be willing to listen to you and snuggle with you. It does not matter how old you are, because you can always carry them in your heart.


This is the website of LeleLerele, where you will find locally made cuddly toys and dolls that have been carefully made by hand with the best materials and lots of affection. For a special gift, to decorate a child’s room, to play with, or even for the girl you was and that you would like to continue being.

If you like special things, made slowly and with love, gifts with charm and that convey your affection, then this is your site! To give to someone as a gift, to decorate a child’s room, or simply as a plaything… The Benitos, Pocholines and Lilis will love you. Cuddly toys and dolls with soul, made completely by hand with affection and patience, with a touching design… don’t you just want to embrace them? Move away from the current, bulk manufactured cuddly toys that you just use and throw away. Surely, you will prefer one of these dolls that mean so much more, that you will want to carry with you forever.

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Hand made in Spain

Cuddly toys and dolls that have been carefully made by hand with the best materials and lots of affection.


The products may take between 1 and 3 weeks to prepare. International shipping may take up to three or four weeks. If you need it for a specific date, write to me. There are priority forms of shipment.


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