What are my dolls for?

What are my dolls for?

A doll or stuffed animal can be much more than a simple object, here are some of its many uses:


Dolls can help boys and girls to develop symbolic play and imagination.
Boys and girls turn their stuffed animals into their friends: they feed them, read them stories, take care of them…
In addition, symbolic play stimulates other skills in children, such as language, creativity, curiosity…

As an attachment doll (emotional regulator)

They help to cope with the first separations from the main attachment person. Also when they need comfort, when they have to face new situations or changes.

Dream protector

They provide calm, security and company at bedtime.

For adults?

Beauty feeds us and surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects has a positive effect on our mental health at any age. Although when you have a Lerele in your hands you will realize that they are not just beautiful products… because they have heart and soul!

As a decorative product

Dolls and stuffed animals are not just for children, maybe you want them for yourself and for the girl or boy that you were one day and that is still inside of you. Maybe you also need to feel and relive what made you happy when you were little. Or reconcile with what you lacked.