Elf – christmas ornament *** OUT OF STOCK***

Elf – Christmas ornament Lele Lerele

Every year for a long time my sister and I have bought a special Christmas ornament, one that reminds us of that year.

Little by little we have been building our Christmas tree. The colors may not be the most homogeneous, it may not be the typical tree that you will see in a decoration magazine. But it is a tree full of memories and personality.

The moment of taking out the box of the ornaments and rediscovering them one by one, is one of my favorite rituals of every Christmas.

We set up the tree, we choose our favorites, we remember when and where we bought them …


Since my daughter was born I decided that instead of buying her ornaments I was going to make them myself, so I designed an adorable little elf for her. This year I wanted to make a small production of 23 units. It is a limited and numbered edition, handmade in my workshop with lots of care and love.

Measurements: About 15cm from the tip of the hat to the tip of the feet (not counting the red rope to hang) Care: It is a decorative product, not suitable for small children or for playing, do not wash in the washing machine, do not pull hard on the hair / beard / hat. Packaging: It comes in a small cardboard box so that it is protected the rest of the months of the year.