Harper – bunny

82,00 IVA incl.

Size: It is 10 cm high and about 8,5 cm wide.

There are only one unit of this product and it will not be repeated.

Each stuffed animal is made completely by hand, with a lot of love and may vary slightly from the photo, that’s why each one is different and special.

Not washable, not suitable for small children.

If you take away the clothes, do it carefully

The bow is sewn to the head

Cup is an element of daring that is not included in the order

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  • Specifications: Measures 10 cm high. Each stuffed toy is made completely by hand, with lots of love. It can vary slightly from the photo, so each one is different and special.
  • Materials: 100% natural mohair fabric and cotton. Its interior is filled with fibers from the recycling of plastic bottles. So we help the environment by reusing products to create new ones.
  • Maintenance: The Pocholines are extremely delicate due to their craftsmanship and their natural materials. Spot washing and air-drying are always the most gentle method of wet laundering.
  • Safety for young children: The Pocholines are collectible and decorative products. Not recommended for children under 3 years. They are suitable for decorating a children’s room, for a special gift, and for children over 3 years to play gently.
  • Blythe: Do you collect Blythe dolls? If you like collecting Blythe dolls you may also be interested in The Pocholines. Many of our customers buy Pocholines for their Blythe dolls and they are delighted by their size and delicacy.
  • For you: Do you like to surround yourself with beautiful things? Do you like to surround yourself with things that remind you of your childhood memories? This is for you.
  • Be especially careful when changing her clothes, since her arms and legs are delicate, do not pull hard on them or on her clothes.