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Les memels can be whatever you want, a boy, a girl, or just a friend.

The most important thing for these dolls is freedom, thinking outside the box, without gender stereotypes.

And you can put a dress, pants, a hairpin in the hair or two pigtails to your Memel, but that will not be what defines it. Same as people.

Each Memel is made by hand, with great care in a small workshop in Castellón (Spain). And you should know that they are not simple products, they are beings! because they have a small cotton heart inside, beating waiting to meet someone to play with. Someone who loves and takes care of him for many years. Is it you? V

You can see more models of #lesmemels in the following link:



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ATENCIÓN: Los pedidos hechos desde el 26 de agosto hasta el 2 de septiembre sufrirán un retraso de + una semana en los plazos de entrega, por favor, contacta conmigo si necesitas tu pedido para una fecha concreta

ATTENTION: Orders placed between August 26 and September 2 will suffer a delay of + one week in delivery times, please contact me if you need your order for a specific date

No gender dolls, LES MEMELS

You can wash your memels, you can comb their hair, and their clothes can be removed, they are ideal for playing and also for sleeping cuddles

Dimensions: 40cm
Materials: 100% cotton canvas, cotton clothes, polyester hair, recycled hypoallergenic polyphil filling.
Recommended for over three years.
Wash preferably by hand, but it can also be machine washed with a program for delicate clothing (cold water). Air dry (do not tumble dry)
** If you want your Memel to remain always the first day, preferably wash it by hand and comb it with a natural and soft bristle brush (baby brushes)
Each one of the dolls is made by hand, so the expression on your face may vary slightly from the one in the photo. Todxs are different and unique.
Preparation time: Between one and two weeks


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