Lili kitty

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Small bunny cloth doll with flower dress. This little bunny is called Lili, and it is completely handmade. It is made with the best materials and lots of love. It measures 22 cm high (8,66 inches). You can wash it in the washing machine. It is perfect for childrens to play, you also can use it to decorate a children’s room. Your baby’s room will look lovely with these little LeleLerele dolls. They are fun and minimalistic, sweet and simple.

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  • Size: about 22 cm (8,66 inches) tall
  • Materials: It’s made with cotton and canvas. Its interior is filled with fibers from the recycling of plastic bottles. So we help the environment by reusing products to create new ones.
  • Maintenance: you can wash it in washing machine and let it air drying.
  • Safety for young children: The materials which which the Lilis are manufactured are fabrics, therefore they are soft and do not present a risk of blows or injuries due to sharp edges. There is also no risk if they come into contact with skin, mucous or eyes. They do not contain easily flammable substances, nor any type of electrical material, batteries, suction pads or moving mechanisms. The Lilis occasionally have ties or bow ties and arms. It is very unlikely, but under a considerable amount of effort or pressure and after a lot of use, these elements may break off. In consideration of this, they have been made large so that they cannot be inhaled or swallowed. However, it is important to remember that the toy must always be played with under adult supervision, and extreme vigilance must be taken when the children are very small. Elements such as the bags, laces, tags and wrapping in which our products will arrive at your home must not be used as toys.
  • Delivery times: This item may take between one and six days (+ shipping). Please, contact me if your order is urgent or you need it by a certain date.
  • It is made by order: The picture is a stock photo, you will get a different one specially made for you (made to order) the colors and face expression may vary very slightly from the photo but that makes it even more special, because each Lili is different.
  • What it is for: Not only to decorate a children’s room. Is a perfect gift of birth, birthday or communion. More than mere decorative objects, these toys are meant to be a child’s special friend, their companion on all their adventures, always there for a hug, the one thing every child should have… a true friend.
  • For you: Do you like to surround yourself with beautiful things? Do you like to surround yourself with things that remind you of your childhood memories? This is for you.
  • Where it is made: They are made one by one, with a lot of care and effort in a small studio in Spain Who designed it: It is an original LeleLerele design. Please don’t accept copies or imitations. LeleLerele created it with her own hands in august 2015, and it is only sold in this web, and authorized stores. Shipping: shipped with a nice gift wrap and by certified mail.