The “Pocholines” are small mohair dolls. This is a delicate and exclusive product, ideal for collectors or to decorate a children's room. They are about 10 cm ( 3.9inch) tall, without counting their ears.

Each Pocholín is made with 100% natural Mohair wool. This wool is woven on a cotton lining and made in a small number of looms in the world. The mohair used for The Pocholines is imported from the UK to about 100 pounds the meter. The price of The Pocholines can be considered high, but at the same time this material gives them a unique and natural texture that makes them different and special. The warmth and unique reflection of the light makes us want to have them with us forever. Pass on them from generation to generation, take care of them … Nothing to do with the synthetic stuffs of modernity. Therefore The Pocholines are also delicate and must be washed with great care, by hand, and let them air dry. They are not suitable for small children as they contain tiny parts that could come off. The Pocholines feel more comfortable with adults or watching the children play from the shelf.